How vibration works to shed pounds fast

The Vibra Slim vibration machine is the latest uniquely designed and most advanced exercise equipment / fitness machine available in the market. It is currently being used by many of the top sports teams and personalities as well as in universities, fitness centers/gyms and health clubs considering the fact that it offers a variety of health benefits. The vibration machine has also received a lot of praises from various quarters and even been proclaimed by muscle and fitness magazine to be amongst the fastest growing fitness trends characteristic of safety and efficiency.

Interesting thing about choosing to take advantage of whole body vibration is the fact that  in as little as 10 minutes on the vibrating machine the vibration therapy you receive will allow you to enjoy a completely new level of fitness as well as well being.  Unlike piston vibration which has previous been criticized to cause problems, triangular oscillating vibration motion is multi dimensional and is backed up by research finding which prove that it is safe and above all most importantly effective.

Specifications for full body vibration

  • Frequencies : the oscillating machine vibration frequencies should be between 1 to 30 Hz. Take note, it is important to make sure that the oscillating machine never surpasses 30Hz as this is can cause harm to you.
  • G forces: for the oscillating machine G-force should not be higher than 3.5 Gs as it can also harm the body.

Note: vibra slim vibration machine will give you ideal vibration power and G forces which have been already proven to be very beneficial to the human body health wise.

How vibration works to shed pounds fast

The vibration machine is scientifically calibrated to produce a series of vibrations from exercise plates. These vibrations move up the feet consequently evenly distributing vibration energy to the rest of the body (or to specific body parts). Whole body vibrations are responsible for causing intense muscle fiber contractions of between 5 to 30 times every second. As much as this may seem not to result into the desired results immediately, fact is the manner in which the responses show is truly amazing.

It has also been scientifically proven that the human body is unparalleled in its ability to adapt to a variety of stimuli and stressors. From this the immediate health benefits from adaptation that will allow you to shed pounds fast include: muscle strength and increased bone density as well as dramatic increase in flexibility (which will allow for a range of motion) especially during the early stages of training). Besides increasing flexibility the contractions of the muscles will also cause avariety of other health benefits. Interesting thing is that the whole body vibration will significantly improve the overall body fitness levels by positively impacting on joints and ligaments in a matter of minutes.

Besides gaining desirable results overtime by simply training for 10 minutes every day you will get to enjoy the work out sessions with the help of a training DVD that will help you shed off pounds fast and shape up as desired in a very short period of time.